Public Relations

A fresh approach: PR without throwing ALL your money at it.

What PR isn’t

Public relations is not about investing a huge monthly retainer in the hope your agency might get you some coverage. Rather, it’s about focusing your resources on the activities that will make a difference and get you noticed.

From plans to practice…

Invention Marketing works with its clients to identify the right PR activities for their company. We then put the plan into practice, with measurable results.

The services offered include:

  • Press releases
  • Articles
  • Case studies
  • Events and conferences
  • Analyst relations

“The birth of a brand is achieved with publicity, not advertising.”

Al and Laura Ries

One client’s view…

“Invention Marketing reshaped our PR and marketing strategy, to focus on the key messages and constituencies. The no-nonsense approach increased our coverage in the relevant media and improved brand recognition with potential customers as well as cutting our costs by more than half compared to our previous agency.”

Peter, CEO of corporate client